At Excelsior Primary School the creative arts are highly valued and nurtured. Our Visual Arts Program is driven by the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority whereby all students are involved in the process of making and responding to Art.

In the Early Years (P–Yr3), exploration of the visual elements of art and exploration of materials are a focus. In the Middle years (Yr3–6) students build on these core concepts to further develop their skills in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media.

The program encourages students to participate and generate art works that communicate their own ideas. Students learn to respond, reflect and evaluate art works of their own and others. Where possible, classroom themes are used as a stimulus. A positive, happy and respectful environment allows all students to strive for excellence.

A specialist art teacher works with all classes each week. As well as participating in a wide variety of art activities, students have also been involved in a number of projects across the school. Many of the of the murals throughout the school have recently been updated, including the Snake which meanders through the playground.

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