Specialists Programmes

Teachers at Excelsior PS offer a range of special programs for children with specific interests and/or talents. In 2016 the following programs will be offered:

  • Gardening Club – for students in Years 1-6 at lunchtime once a week. Mrs Muraszko and Mr Smith offer this program, developing an appreciation of our school environment and firsthand experience at growing vegetables.
  • The Rock Band – Bullet Proof for Year 6 students. Mr Hort and Mr Smith run auditions and select talented students to be part of the school rock band. Students rehearse on different days before school and lunch times.
  • Instrumental Music Program – provides talented students with an opportunity to receive weekly lessons on a musical instrument (trumpet, clarinet) through the School of Instrumental Music.
  • School Choir – The music specialist, Mrs Cotton, leads students in the school choir. Students attend choir before school and perform at numerous events during the year.
  • Recorder Ensemble, including wind instruments – trumpet, clarinet, trombone, flute – Talented senior students are invited to be part of the Instrumental Ensemble. Mrs Cotton also runs this program before school.
  • Guitar Ensemble – Rehearsals are held every Friday from 8.00am and Year 5-6 students are eligible to join this group with Mrs Cotton and Mr Liddelow. Students must own their own guitar; acoustic or classical.
  • Morning Fitness – during the week from 8:30am, Mrs Rumbold, our Phys Ed specialist, encourages all students to join her in a jog or brisk walk around the school oval. It gets the heart pumping and the brain working, ready for students to go to their classes at 8:45am, focused for the day.