Pre-primary is the start of full-time school. It is compulsory for all children to attend school five full days each week. Excelsior Primary School generally has two Pre-primary classes for children turning 5 between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. The classes are considered to be part of the whole school and most of the items already referred to in this hand-book are also applicable to Pre-primary children and their families.

Pre-primary times

The Pre-primary day starts at 9:00am. Teachers will be in their rooms to receive students from 8:45am. Lunch for Pre-primary students will begin at 12:30pm and the children will be back in class by 1:30pm.

Pre-primary finishes at 3:10 pm. Parents/caregivers are asked to collect their children from the classroom. Please inform the teacher if a different arrangement has been made for pick up.

Pre-primary Enrolment

Enrolment may take place any time during the year BEFORE the child is eligible to attend the Pre-primary class.

Enrolment is your notification to the school that you wish your child to attend the Pre-primary class the following year but it is not an enrolment of your child.

Enrolments for 2017 can be made from the beginning of 2016 and you will be asked to complete an “Application for Enrolment” form. Letters of acceptance are sent out at the end of Term 3 asking parents to visit the school and fill in a “School Enrolment” form. A copy or extract of your child’s Birth Certificate, Immunisation Record and proof of address is required for formal enrolment. This can be produced at either the ‘application’ or ‘formal’ enrolment stage.