P & C Association

The P&C Association is your school’s parent organisation. All parents and community members are invited to become members. The P&C meet Week 3 and Week 7 of every term in the staff room commencing at 7pm with meetings generally lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. Future meeting dates and times will be advertised in the school newsletter.

The P&C provides a vital service that assists the school to support every child to have the opportunity to be a successful student. Fundraising is only one part of what the P&C does for the school. There are many services and committees associated with the P&C, such as canteen, uniform and banking.  Children receive great benefits from the parents who voluntarily assist, usually each week, with the various services that are offered by the school. Thank you to all these parents.

If you want to know more about the P&C or how you can regularly or occasionally help around the school, you should attend at least one meeting, meet people and become familiar with the functions of the P&C. You never know, you might just enjoy it and want to be involved on a more regular basis.

For further information contact the P & C President Claire Robbins via the school.

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