Healthy food and drink

A policy regarding Healthy Food and Drink choices in Public Schools was implemented in 2007 and Excelsior became involved with the Healthy Kids/Healthy Families program from 2009. The very successful Crunch and Sip Program continues to operate in Excelsior. These policies and programs relate to school canteens, to classroom food activities and to foods that students bring to school for recess and lunch. Parents and students can visit the crunch and sip website for more information.

Birthday celebrations at school

School policy states clearly that celebrating children’s birthdays by sharing a birthday cake supplied by parents is encouraged. A cake or quantity of small cup cakes with a thin layer of icing is preferable. Parents are asked not to provide a party bag of lollies or chocolates for each child. If you are unsure about the suitability of the birthday treats, please check with the classroom teacher well before the day.

If your child requires special dietary requirements, you are encouraged to send a few suitable small cakes or treats to school that can be frozen.

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