The canteen is operational for 2 days each week – Thursday and Friday.

Our canteen is run by your school’s P&C for the benefit of every child. It offers a varied menu of healthy foods in line with the Traffic Light System.

To keep canteen costs down and to ensure efficient food preparation for hungry students, voluntary parent help is always appreciated, even for an hour or so.

Your child’s lunch

Children’s lunch boxes should be clearly marked with their name. Lunch is eaten under supervision for the first 10 minutes of lunchtime. Kindergarten and Pre-primary students eat lunch under the supervision of their teachers. As the school supports the Green Light System for canteens and shared food, we encourage children to eat a nutritious lunch with very little or no servings of sugary and salty foods. Junk food is actively discouraged.

Parents who want their children to go home for lunch must give the school a note of permission and pick their children up from the front office. No child is allowed to leave the school grounds on their own or with unauthorised persons.

Online ordering

Our is available for parents to log on and place orders for their children. Please log on and register. The cut off time for ordering is 8:45am sharp on the day the lunch is required. The system will not accept orders after this time.

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